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It will be years before I need a funeral

 why should I plan now?

You can certainly wait to make your plans if you feel you have time. Two things are guaranteed in life – you will need some form of a funeral one day, and it’s getting more costly each year. So even if you don’t need to plan it now – it makes sense to fix its cost by paying for it now.


Will my Plan cover the funeral in the UK or the country I have chosen the live in?

The plan has a dual country cover that will provide

for a funeral plan in the UK as well as the country

 you have chosen to live in.


What happens if I die before

I complete the installment payments?

Your funeral will be arranged in accordance 

with your Plan. The balance will be paid

by your executors or from your estate.


Can I arrange a Plan for someone else?

Yes. Confidentiality is assured.

All correspondence will be sent directly

to the person arranging the plan.


Will, there be any further

cost for my executors?

Once paid for, the services of the Funeral Director detailed in your Plan are guaranteed to be covered (in accordance with the Terms & Conditions). Your executors may wish to pay for additional services at the time of the funeral.


What if my circumstances change?

We know that circumstances change with the years so are happy to take direction from you should you wish to make changes to your plan. Although certain additions may increase the cost, you can be certain that the details you want will be respected in the service you get.




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